To save you some time, here we have compiled the top 5 questions that we are asked regarding our work.

Q : I suspect that an animal is being mistreated but can't prove anything. What shall I do?

A: If you have any concerns regarding an animal’s welfare you should telephone the RSPCA National Call Centre on 0300 1234 999. The operator will be able to help you with advice and if necessary send one of our Inspectors or Animal Welfare Officers to investigate.

Q: My pet needs an operation and I can't afford to pay the vets bills. Can you help?

A: We can help some people who are on certain means tested benefits with financial assistance towards vet costs. This is usually a voucher of up to £20 which can be redeemed at local veterinary practices. But you must contact us BEFORE you visit the vets to check if you are entitled. If somebody with financial difficulties has very large vets bills and is struggling, there are other animal welfare organisations who may be able to help.

Q: I love my pet but because of a change in circumstances, I will have to give the animal up. What shall I do now?

A: We advise that you try and rehome the pet yourself. Try asking friends, family, work mates and posting adverts in the local community. You may be surprised how many people would like to take on a well trained and domesticated pet! If this approach doesn't bring any success then you should call the animal centre on 01233 646855 for more advice.

Q: There is a stray cat that keeps coming to my house looking for food. What shall I do?

A: Most cats are cheeky and will go to a perfect strangers house if there’s a chance of a slap up meal! We advise people NOT to encourage cats that do not belong to them, because they will continue to come back for more. Once you have fed a cat on a regular basis you become technically responsible for that animal.

Q: Shall I phone the RSPCA to pick up a stray dog?

A: No. The RSPCA is not licensed to take in lost dogs and strays. They are the responsibility of your local council. We advise you contact your local authority and report the stray dog to them.

Frequently Asked Questions