If you’re thinking of rehoming a cat please take a few moments to read the following information as it will help you decide if rehoming a cat is right for you.

We are normally full to bursting all year round and can have up to 50-90 cats and kittens at any one time.

All cats that come to us un-neutered are tested for feline aids and feline leukaemia. The kittens leave here with as good a start in life as we can give them.

Every Wednesday our vet arrives to check out all the new residents.

We let kittens be viewed by the public once they are 8-9 weeks of age, they go home fully vaccinated at 12 weeks of age, no exceptions.

You will be contacted when the kitten is approximately five months of age to arrange for its neutering. You will be sent a neutering voucher to cover the costs if you go to the Cattery's vet. If you go to a different vet, you will be required to pay the difference, if any.

We love adopting kittens out in pairs, but understand if you only want one. All we ask is that they are not left for more than 3-4 hours a day and that you live on a quiet road. We ask you to not let the kitten or kittens out until they are neutered. This is for their own safety and to keep them from getting pregnant or getting another cat pregnant. (A female kitten can get pregnant at 4-5 months of age.)

Please don't buy a kitten out of the newspaper - you will spend £40-50 and be lucky if the kitten is wormed. All of our adult cats leave here with as clean a bill of health that our vet thinks is possible. All prospective new owners have a home visit before you adopt a cat or cats and there is a post home visit a few months afterwards to make sure that everything is okay and the cat  or  cats  have settled in fine.

We do our best to keep pairs of cats (or even more in some cases) that come in together to go to a new home together. We do whatever is necessary to get a cat back on its feet. We get cats in that have never seen a vet in their life and they need dentals, blood tests, medication.

We get cats that need limbs amputated or have a fractured pelvis due to a road traffic accident. We get cats that have nasty collar wounds that take weeks and weeks to mend. While some cats come and go quite quickly, other cats (usually older ones) can take months and months to rehome.

When we take in stray cats, we have no history on them and it is often educated guesswork on determining their ages, so you have to adopt them with an open heart and mind. Some young cats could have had a tough life and look older than they are, some older cats could have been pampered with a good life and look younger than their true age.

If we have a cat that has a medical problem while in the cattery, we do our best to be as up front on the condition as possible. We do get cats that have hyperactive thyroids and may require continued medication. There are special people out there that will adopt them and keep up the medication. Are you one of those special people? We never put a healthy cat or a cat that can lead a normal life to sleep! Since we opened in 2006, we have only needed to put down 74 cats (as of 31 December 2011).

We get request after request for families with children wanting cats. We don't have a problem with families adopting our cats, but be patient with us if we don't have any family friendly cats in the cattery. It can take you several trips to find that type of "bomb proof" cat. We get so many cats in that have been mistreated by kids or have only lived with one owner and they won't always adjust to a busy home. If they are strays, we do our best to assess them while in the cattery - so if you come visit us with kids, we might rope your kids in for a "kid vs cat" test.

We don't have a problem rehoming indoor cats - some cats come to us without ever living outdoors, some choose not to go outdoors on their own accord and others have medical problems - flu carriers, feline aids, need daily medication or are on special diets. So, those of you that live in flats or on busy roads and feel that you wouldn't be allowed to rehome a cat, please visit us!

Hope to see you soon - purrs!!

Thanks to your continued support our cattery has successfully rehomed thousands of cats since opening in 2006